As I sit here pondering my two latest yarn projects, I decided a quick trip to entryland would be a good way to let the brain go do its thing.

Its been a hellacious last 4-6 weeks (depending on how whiny I feel any given moment). Sick on Thanksgiving? Check. Horrific pain in a tooth? Check. Power out for four days? Check (and way more than that for some friends and family!!!) Rush to get all things done prior to Christmas...check...except it got curtailed the weekend after the ice storm due to a weekend of snow. week of running around, check. Pleasant Christmas? Oh yeah, it was lovely. Very mellow, no issues and we all got what we wanted. And then some, heh. New Year's week filled with pain from ANOTHER tooth? Check. Sitting in a strange dentist office for two and a half hours is not my idea of a good way to spend January 2nd, but at least the outcome was better. No pain, and I do have on my 'to do' list the chore of finding a cost effective dentist. Not the cheapest, but possibly close to work, and a lot less than the one here in town. The one I have to take the girls to, until Cloud is old enough to drive.

I'm also running into some 'teen' issues with Cloud. Stuff that is to be expected, but I am hesitant to bring Buck into it. He will over-react, and then I have a mess. Keep your fingers crossed that I have some luck on my side, k?

I should be a better commenter, but lately I'm just not finding words that don't scream 'platitude' to me. Know that I'm reading, sending lots of support/love/hugs/nods of agreement/fists shook in anger where appropriate. If you need a specific jolt of my kind of expertise, holler at me. I'll be happy to oblige. I'll even put an effort into being amusing! ;)

And....again, I'm on the laptop where Vista reigns and I don't have the patience to type the password as many times as it would take to install the marvy editor for D-land/Firefox. So its boring, and I will attempt to do a busier one next time!

Oh, and you know who you are....snail mail???
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