Green? Yes, indeed.

I had my first belly dancing class last night. I'm gonna love the exercise/giggles weekly! :) I don't hurt, I can feel the shoulder and arm muscles. The other muscles I use pretty regularly, heh.

Next week will be the whole entourage of my pals, Gwen, Nat, Shan, and Sue. Which, in theory, could really pack the room! There were 3 regulars, and I gather more were missing  The five of us were trying to spread out, so its gonna be cozy!

I can't wait to get better at this. I did have a solid work out, but I wasn't over-taxed, and I'm not sore. All plusses in my book.

I did go up two pounds at WW today, but I suspect it has a lot to do with retaining water from the exercise.  We shall see next week. There is also the stupid cyclical cravings I get, every four to six months. Thank god, that is ALL I have left of my cycle. I can live with that. 

I did give blood today, double reds (they take two donations of red cells, and put the rest back with saline, so easy, and you only go every four months instead of every two) and except for being tired (gee, wonder why?!?) I'm all good.

Ok, again with the delayed pics. I'm just not that into sorting through them, sorry. Eventually.

Off something, I think. Or sleep. hehe
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