Not only did I feel completely dumb for not updating, I open this up and my wonderful editor did NOT appear!  Closed Firefox, checked the add-ons upon re-opening, and still nothing. Glanced down to the lower right corner...stupid monkey was grey. ::slaps forehead::

Anyhow, hello there! I've had enough winter/sick kids/sick me/no desire to write. Sorry. Nothing earth shattering, merely annoying. And then of course the whole, '...but its been too long...' bit starts to rear its ugly head.

Colors anyone?

My weight is creeping down. I did have a gain, but I've lost it and a bit more. I've gotten back to a schedule of sorts, and I can tell when I'm not following it.

I SOLD some of my hats and a scarf! The scarf is almost finished, as is a scarf for a gift for my boss, and then I have one more scarf for my SIL and then...I'm attempting a sweater for me. I found this pretty dark olive green yarn at Big Lots at a dollar a skein. Small skeins, but I got 22, which should be more than enough.  And the pattern book I bought evidently is really plus-sized, as I'm the smallest size!

I have to get better about taking a pic of the things I make. And I need to consider a paid subscription to Flickr, so I arrange stuff. At this rate, I'll have more subscriptions for online stuff, than I ever would have considered normal. I'm not even that into the whole 'stuff online' thing and here I am considering Flickr, and possibly Worlds of Warcraft.

I think that brings me back up to speed. I have things to hash out, but they will have to  wait till I have a brain left.

OH! I made my version of a Spanish tortilla, essentially a frittata, for dinner and Buck liked it! As in, eggs but they taste like dinner, not breakfast. I will make it a weekly dinner, and throw in whatever is left over. Tonights was potatoes, green pepper, onions, some left over fresh green beans and bacon. Add cheese if you want, and refried beans for a side. There was a lot of stuff, and eight eggs...and it is HISTORY.

Off to crochet...gotta finish by Thursday!
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