Yeah, lately this is as often as I can write. My last entry? Was supposed to be a place holder so I would want to give the details of my trip, and then some of the fun things I was going to do while I was childless.

It was beyond the complete and total opposite of that.

On my 750 mile trip home, I was 200 miles from home. When I blew a piston. Until then, I'd never heard that noise. I heard it for the next 200+ miles to home, then to the garage. 22 miles more. Yeah, it was one horribly gone engine. Which, fortunately was replaced, for free, by Isuzu (via GMC) because it was about 2 miles over the 100,000 warranty after I got to the garage. I now have a new engine and a new transmission on my 100,000 mile Axiom. At this rate? I may die with this vehicle.

This replacement took all of the time I was childless, so...I did nothing. No bellydancing (all my $ went to gas in the Bronco I was driving), no nights out with or without the husband (he was locked into getting the new computer system - hardware and software - up and running at work), no trouble to get into, and just a little bit of crocheting.  Next thing I knew the kids were home, and so was Mom for what was supposed to be a day's visit.

Then, my brother's father-in-law showed just how epic an asshole he can MY mother. He's earned my eternal emnity. It takes so fucking much to earn that; I am trying my best to keep my karma balanced and he is soooo not helping.

I won't go into details because I am recovering from the flu. 5 fucking days of it. 3 missed days of work. Tomorrow I go back to major piles of paperwork. Which I cannot stay late and complete because I have to get Cloud to her physical. Because she joined the ROTC (Navy) at school. Did I mention she's a freshman? And needs the paper so she can go to bootcamp on Friday. Gah.

In between all this fun, I've managed to sprain my knee, get a new bank, go without a dryer for 10 days (ooh, one good thing - I now have a clothesline outside!!) and teach Cloud how to iron her uniforms. Oh, and Storm wants to play an instrument so bad that she managed to get the orchestra teacher to loan her the school's viola to play (because if we rented it? nearly $300 for the year) and now I have to email him about details. 

On the upside, I've not gained weight (dr's scales notwithstanding...cuz they've shown a massive variance that does not reflect how my clothes fit. Which they shouldn't according to the scale, and yet, they do! The small ones!), and I'm managing to control my eating. Losing may not be for a bit, but if I can keep off the 25 pounds till I can go dancing again, I'll be content.

The girls have had this flu (yeah...)and are now very healthy. Both are motivated to do well with the school work (ROTC and music), and other than illness, Storm has shown no reluctance to go to school this year.

Buck is learning some temper control/appropriate behavior to explain stress/speaking to the wife about ALL of it. Now, we just need a 'cushion grip' crowbar and he can beat pallets till all the anger is out. Without aggravating his wrist injury, heh. I must say, its really nice to have him TALK to me about what is wrong, rather than have him sit and radiate anger and snap at the girls, or me. It is startling to me, though. After nearly 16 years of the other, I have to remind myself to be nice.

Ok. So, what's up in your world?
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