A) Evidently, my stuff is a mess. Oh well.  I do not have the gumption to fix it.

B) Do I think I need to move? Maybe. I've heard it can actually be *gasp* easy to manipulate your layout, elsewhere.  Which might encourage me to do something about it...or not, heh.

C) My fix is....broken. I'm still better than before, but I'm not sure its permanent. I have stress from the breaking, and it's requiring more people to get involved to resolve the stress. Stupid, but there it is. If the fix can be resumed, but differently, then I expect I'll feel better again. And if it lasts long enough, it may not be required forever.

That's my lately in a nutshell. I have a longing for some seriously stress - LESS time. I keep reminding myself that eventually I'll miss this time in my life. Hindsight may be 20/20 but it is accompanied by memories, not the actual issues.

Off to...crochet, probably. Or read. Or...well, y'all don't wanna know 'bout that. heh
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