Ok, so...lets see if this still works. I keep having a thought about something; whether its yarn, or tech or reading or something and I wanna write a bit, but not a lot...and so here I am. It may never be acknowledged, but nonetheless. Read, perhaps, but...heh.

So, yarn. I'm still in love. I need to get rid of/use up all the kinds that no longer appeal to me, i.e. most of the acrylics and novelty yarns. Not all, but there is a LOT of yarn I've acquired by various means (not purchasing, in this case)and it is just taking up space. I'm still crocheting, but have also moved into knitting. I am attempting to update Ravelry (if you don't know, and don't spin, crochet, or knit...you might not care; if you do craft in any of those manners, and still don't know - oh, honey...its a beautiful time suck/pattern resource/yarn information/forum of all yarny topics. You were warned. You're welcome.)

In tech items, the hubby got me a Sony tablet for my birthday in 2012. I love it; the exterior is designed to feel like a magazine folded over, when its in your hand. 8 gig of memory, so not huge in those terms, but it does have a SD slot, so I can expand the memory, heh.

Side note: do you remember when 1 gig of space sounded almost unreal? Now, 8 gigs is 'small'?? Its mind blowing when I contemplate where computers have gone in the 19 years since I got my first.

Onward! My girls are, well, teens. Cloud is almost 19, and boy...teen girls can be a serious pain in the ASS. I figure I've got another 6 years and stuff should mellow with her. Storm is 13 and 1/2 and much less stormy heh. Truly, they've almost changed to the point I could swap their nicknames. Storm is quite musical. She plays guitar, clarinet, and viola, with short forays into piano and upright bass. She is considering learning to play saxophone. Cloud is still my brain, but she's decided that she would prefer to be a hairdresser before she gets a degree. I don't care; I hope she doesn't regret it if she chooses not to go to college.

Buck(hubby) is still working for his parents; the pellet shortage you've heard about? He is in the midst of it, and it ain't pretty.

I have a new car! I didn't have to die with the Isuzu! 2010 Ford Fusion, in red. Most basic version but still has a CD player.

Aaannndd here it is: the abrupt '...I'm outta here...' because the eyelids are slamming shut.
Gonna charge the tablet, and perhaps play with some yarn.
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