So, what do you do when your kid decides to steal a check, not once but twice from your brother-in-law, and doesn't appear to have much remorse. I'm not exactly lenient with her, and I know at 19, its not all on me...however...doesn't change the nausea. NH has reeealllyy strict laws about checks; she's been arrested, has a court date and will probably have to go through the same in our state, since she crossed the state line to cash the check. We've taken the car; I'll be the school chauffeur for the time being. I'm asking for guidance in handling this; please, universe help me get through. Or find a path for someone to get through.

And speaking of child-rearing ideals/personal views on politics/differing world views...I can't wrap my head around certain things. I may not like which ever party is in charge - white House, Congress, etc., - but I was taught that you don't disrespect your leaders. I admit I'm very centrist, or middle of the road, and can in a very (un-detailed) short statement, sum up where on the rainbow I fall.

Don't tell me what I can and cannot do with *MY* body, and don't tell me I can't have guns.

Now, this leaves out my feelings on automatic weapons, which while I agree should be available, for any legal party; I think *those* guns,- because they are so easily, *massively* destructive, - should require a pretty stringent application process. It also leaves out the fact that I think if you are getting any government help for longer than 6 months you will take drug tests, and you will either do volunteer work for street cleaning, traffic detail, litter pick up in parks - all those jobs that get done last; or if you are totally not working? You'll be assigned to a work pool for a nominal wage. I'm so not a blind supporter of any thing/one but I don't bad mouth the opposite views or their holders. I detest the 'You can have your own opinion, as long as its mine.' factions.

I'm still on the fence about parts of the Affordable Care Act. I like not paying co-pays for well visits. I like that there is an option to have healthcare for anyone. I've been without, and on my own with no safety net, and it would have been nice to have the option. Not so enthusiastic about the 'EVERYONE MUST HAVE' portion of it. I get that to make it viable, you need a large pool, with healthy adults. Seems to me there could be a better way.

I won't believe the media blindly, either, but I've found NPR is fairly balanced. And very in-depth. Liberal? Yep, to a fault. But not incapable of showing the other side. At the very worst, they will give you things to follow up that oppose their POV. Bonus: love the music aspect of their website. And the books.

FB is so weird lately; the admixture of politcal rants, positive messages, 'omg you can't____' fill the blank with whichever thing you feel the need to rage against.

I have a friend who is adamantly anti-GMO, -meat, -dairy. Oh, and homeschools. I totally respect, and support, her choices. And for the most part she doesn't lecture or person. Her FB posts? Yeah, it feels like she's found her bully pulpit; exercising her 1st Amendment rights like FB is the gym. I have 2 dairy intolerant kids, you won't see me throwing 'save the cows, drink coconut milk' memes up.

Although, I'll be the first to admit coconut milk is my favorite sub, LOL. I'll even go so far as to say that, no, meat isn't vital. However, milk, butter, cream.. WOOL...harvesting these items do no damage to the animal, and in fact can help. And, I'll even own up to not finding fur a problem to wear. Can't afford it, but I think if we sustainably harvested it, there would be less environmental damage. Not 'climate change' but the plastics that are used to make 'vegan' items just don't seem to be the best for the planet. Just my opinion. Do I think plastics can be useful? And practical? Yes, I do. But I think finding a glass/plastic hybrid that is less breakable and less chemical-ly would be best. Just like I think that there should be solar powered cars, boats...hover boards....heheh, planes, too!!

Eyes are slamming shut. Time to kick the cat off my chest, and go to bed.
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