Since I just cannot force myself to re-read things I write...pardon me if I repeat myself.

I knit, and crochet. And sew a bit. And make jewelry, sort of. Crafty, on a basic scale. Now that my oldest has moved out, I have a room for all my stuff. It is also supposed to be a guest room, but since my most frequent guest is my mother, and she isn't able to do the steps...I now have a craft room. Hell, I may be the guest sleeper on Buck's bad snoring nights. Or, if its way too hot I'll shift for the evening, heh.

Now, this means I am in the process of moving all the various parts of my crafting items, which are spread hither and yon throughout my house, two floors and many rooms of bits and pieces and random items...

I'm gonna be at this a while.

I'm hoping that sometime before camp opens (ooh! there's an idea for an entry) in April, I have it mostly in order. And I can reclaim my great-grandmother's rocker. We'll see how crafty I feel sitting in a chair that is nearly 100 years old. Made when it wasn't 'crafting', but just life.

I am off to sort more stuff. I really hope I can toss the really crappy stuff with no pangs. I know it needs to go, but...

Happy Sunday.

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