I am confused. I will put this out first: I love so VERY many kinds of music, and I know that my eclectic tastes are not usual.

I'm sure I'd get an argument about how open-minded, how willing to listen to everything a person is and that there is something good in every genre. However, I can usually find the one sort of music that makes them nauseous.

Me? Not a fan of the angriest artists. Just cannot get past the anger. Do I think it needs to exist? Yes,someone needs it. Not me, but someone. I just want my music to make me feel good things.* And, not a big fan of operatic voices. Love the music, and I've tried (many Saturday afternoons listening, trust me) but the voices will start sounding like nails on a chalkboard.

What prompted this, is that I really cannot understand the world's utter dislike of the Eagles.

Air Supply? Oh yeah, mediocre in the extreme. And I was 14 when they got large, so my sap quotient was HUGE.

~~~~~~to be continued~~~~~~~

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