Having issues with fat stuff. I'm not small, I'd say fat. (Still has too much negative connotations for me, regardless of how hard its been tried to wrench it back to merely a word.) All things being relative, though, I dress well (to please me) and am rarely treated like a fat person, because I'm careful to not appear slovenly, or careless or unaware of how I look.

And yes, I'm aware that using 'fat person' to describe treatment isn't the best shorthand, but most folks (from either the fat OR the thin perspectives) know it means watching faces wince, or being offered a different chair, or even some other behavior that wouldn't appear if I were even 30 pounds lighter. Or 3 inches shorter.

I am very tall, I favor heels, and I wear interesting clothes. I do NOT care what anyone else chooses to wear. For me, though, no horizontal stripes. No absurdly tight clothes. Pants must fit, not 'almost' but 'entirely' well. Skirts (while length has more to do with my age, than my size) must not creep or stick or spin.

The problem I'm having is trying to express that if I'm less than pleased with the way my clothes are fitting, it doesn't mean I am judging anyone's look. And where do you go with this?? I won't wear horizontal stripes, because I have yet to see something that appeals enough for me to try...and to have it look like I still have a shape once I get it on. I still find them cute on other people. I will always prefer to work towards the traditional hourglass shape. I like the way it looks, and so have most of the men in my life.

Hell, the whole 'patriarchy' thing pisses me off, too. I agree that (mostly old, white) men in charge (not just men in general) were a bit RIDICULOUS about subjugating the rest of the world. I'm sorry the big bad world made you feel so insecure you had to be the ONLY power. Assholes.

Something tells me not all women would be better at having power, but all the time being held down certainly has given more women a window into balance.

That being said...not all of what came out of it has to be bad, just because it came from that. The female form, for the most part, is vaguely hourglass shaped. Not specifically, but the waist, it goes in! Enhancing that to the nth degree was, of course, insane. Working with that shape? Seems pretty good place to start. And since that *is* our shape, and folks are usually working toward attracting other folks...

I guess I'm feeling too centrist. Yes, I agree everyone should be allowed to 'do you', as long as it doesn't harm anyone. No, I don't think your external appearance should have anything to do with your credentials. While I might be surprised to see an out of character choice for someone in their apparel, as long as it doesn't impede their job, who cares?

So...wandering though this is, I cannot keep going to end it or I might be here for hours. Evidently, I needed to vent after 2 weeks of bra shopping, because I know what I want my bra to do (in terms of shaping my bust line) but I CANNOT!!! find one to do that, under $50. That I don't have right now. Nor will I, for a while.

I know, I know, circled right back. The topic of bras, and their uses, or 'use' is its own morass of 'he said/she said' but I'm not the woman to rock that boat.

This go-round, anyhow. Next life? All bets are off.

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