Tah Dah! I'm at the desktop and I have an editor you should all (well, those of you without it...) be jealous of. D'land never had it so good.

Ok, I think I'm done playing with color, purple is a fave.

As soon as I get them uploaded I'll point y'all to flickr to see the pics of the snow/ice decorations on all the trees on my way to work today. Pretty darn cool if I got any decent ones.

Now, for the thing that got me here...

I, for the first time ever, got through the holidays without eating ALLL of what was put in front of me. Without feeling like I missed one damn thing. This was proven to me today when I went to WW and I only gained .6 lbs in the last 3 weeks. And it might not have even been that, but I did have to wear my shoes, forgot the socks.


(sorry....evidently the color thing hasn't quite lost its appeal)

And I think either my meds are causing me hot flashes, or I'm working on early menopause. The early thing doesn't seem right, since I've never noticed any of the other symptoms. Which means I need more cotton clothes...or I'm gonna feel damp all over this winter!

Work is actually not stressing me out. I will never love this job, but I do like my co-workers, and I adore being able to flex my time a bit.  I have a lovely boss....she's getting a really nice 'thank you' card in the near future. It will be attached to one of those towels with the crochet hanger at the top. Just as soon as I get the ambition to pull out the sewing machine and then start working on one. Hehe.

Ok, that's it for now. New update after pics.

Happy Friday all!
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