Hi. I have a random assortment of stuff floating in my head and you are going to be the lucky recipients of my mental meanderings. 

First, I am a yarn addict. I wish I could find a board/blog/something where all we discuss is yarn and each kind's attributes and issues.  I've done some searching, but I rarely find anyone who wants to really get into the yarn.  Yes, of course its there in a thread, usually neglected, and all you see is the vaguest of descriptions - unless its a hated skein.  I want to know what you found and how wonderful it is. How was working with it? Was it natural fiber or other? Did it feel marvelous in hand, but wouldn't work with crochet, yet would knit most loverly? Or vice-versa?

I know I'd probably find some fellow nuts at Ravelry, but it isn't my favorite place to surf. The boards are not to my liking.  As I was reminded a minute ago when I went for the link.


Second, lemon squares are like crack to me. At least, today they are. And Cloud is making more tomorrow. Gah. Veggie diet for me for a few days.

But DAMN are they good.

Third, we in the Northeast are being treated to an 'old-fashioned' winter.  As the elderly gentleman at the grocery put it. 6 inches of snow today (Sunday); more for tomorrow....starting now and going all night.  Weather.com is saying 1-3 more inches, but it should merely be cloudy when I need to go to work, so whee.

I have an inch of snow on my car now. Since 6 pm.

There was something else but that train hit a tunnel and has not come out.

And, I'll close with this: black olive pizza, no sauce....ummmmmm.

OH...picture post soon, just need to weed out the useless ones.

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