Now, now...don't get used to this. I make no promises, so I won't break them. (well, for this anyway, heh)

New Year's Eve was...interesting. I felt like I was pre-kids, and even though I had my oldest with me, it was giddy.

sidenote: I hate talking to my mom when I've got an entry going.....but damn if she doesn't call then

I'm trying to ignore the 'X-Files' movie on the boob tube. I didn't like the first time, and its not any better on the second go-round.

Belly dancing! That was what prompted this entry! (see, I was trying to jog my memory...hence the one liners....) Every woman should take a few belly dancing classes. With real women - not teens or health fanatics. I have the best teacher. She's probably 10 or 15 years older than I, so mid to late 50's ish. She is so sweet, doesn't let you sit out, but doesn't force you to go to far. My class is all women my age give or take a few years. We laugh, we are raunchy, we are caring - this is what I think women found when life was simpler, and more gender-divided.  We don't have a fixed routine, it varies week to week, and she is totally open to suggestions if one of us has something we'd like to do. We have such fun, its not uncommon for us to linger after class for up to an hour! Go, find a class and check it out. I find the work out quite good, and it doesn't leave me feeling as sore the next day as some other kinds of exercise. I may ache, but that's it. Even when, like tonight, it was a really good aerobic workout, hee.

Ok, now I'm officially done. I just walked away to plug in my phone, when I saw the light on in the AV room, went there to turn out the light and cleared away all the kids crap. Dammit, I wanted kids?!?

off something...
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