yes, yes....I'm doing it a-gain. Call me a sucker for torture. I  used that word purposefully, so there.

Belly dancing is getting it is kicking my butt more! In a good way, of course. I can really feel our workouts more, lately. In return, I found myself dancing at home, and that I was much more limber than I've been in a loooong while. Between the dancing and the 'fix', I'm liking it.

I have been a crocheting fool, lately. I just finished a birthday gift, and a Christmas gift. No, its not a bit late! My co-worker asked for a hat, and I decided that I was going to do it as a gift, because she's a harried mom of three kids, and there is a set of twins! Every mom deserves a gift she wants, and I could do this.  I got some seriously yummy bamboo/angora yarn in lovely shade of chocolate. It looks really nice on her, too. The birthday gift is actually early, and its a scarf in a soft sage green. This is for my other co-worker (yes, I'm lucky, I have wonderful co-workers). It matches her Christmas gift of fingerless mitts of the same yarn.

I also have made some kufis which are hats worn in the Middle Eastern part of the world. An old friend is going to Afghanistan for a year or so, and wanted one. I ended up making three; the first in acrylic for practice and the other two in a cotton/wool blend. He's all happy now, and if its cold, he can use the acrylic one, too.

He wants me to make them and sell them, hehe. I don't know if  I could keep up. But then again...I won't rule it out. Extra income? Sure! Especially if he is sent where its cold and I can use acrylic. Or blends, because the cost won't be as high. His cotton ones? One skein is $10, and I think I'd get two out of them. The investment would be iffy. Eh, I'll cross that bridge when I need to.

So, I guess that's about it for now. I'm getting Chinese take-out for dinner, and its almost time to leave.

later I'll be off to....flirt outrageously - because I can.
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