Damn, I hate forgetting stuff. Like how to code my diary.

Snow. Yes, I live in New England and boy...its really white out there today.

what's new you say?

Strained my right shoulder shoveling. Stupid; I know better but I was angry that I couldn't move my car up the small hill to the top of the driveway. At least it is out of the way for Buck to plow later.

Gin and tonic is a GREAT muscle relaxer. For the beginning, at least. Ibuprofen and sleep later, will finish the job but a lazy day at home deserves some booze.

I think I'm gonna keep using this as a brain dump. I've had less 'round and round we go' issues. And, I've relaxed enough to yarn again. It feels fabulous.

Off to drink. Whatever floats my boat, dammit.
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